The Process

This resource was created to help any of you who are at a spot in life where you find yourself asking some of life's biggest questions. Questions like, "Who am I?", "What am I doing with my life?, or "What is my purpose?" After a catalytic turning-point in my own life, I found myself asking those same questions, and eventually landed on, "What is my Calling?"

My hope is that you can take advantage of this digital retreat that is meant to provide an immersive experience, helping you to create the space & provide the tools needed for you to explore who you actually are.  To do this, I will leverage the Clarity in Calling Process that I have compiled &  been using for the past 4 years to help hundreds of others become more self-aware & find greater direction in life!

This course is structured in such a way, that you will be able to watch these video segments as I guide my friends Jon & Amy through the process. In doing so, you will have the examples you need from us, to jump in and start your own personal exploration. After each video segment you will have a reflective activity to be completed using the Retreat Journal PDF provided for you in the Introduction Module. Once you are completed with your reflective activity, you can move on to the next video segment.

At the end of the course, you will have everything you need to begin better owning, communicating & living out your calling! To learn more about the 4 steps of this process keep reading below:


helps you look back over your life to this point and begin to dial in the lens on the major turning points in your life thus far. This is comprised of the various highs that have gotten your heart pumping & the lows of life that have shaped you. Sadly, in our extremely busy culture, we have very little time, space or ability to stop & reflect. Once you look back, we can zoom out & look at the story that has been written up to this point & pull out some themes that we can begin to use for direction moving forward.


is focused on really owning the unique gifts, talents & abilities that each of us have been given. Participants will utilize personality assessments combined with a series of reflective activities in order to understand and truly own what they are naturally good at, as well as the things that they are NOT good at. The goal is ownership. If we can own who we REALLY are & REALLY are not, then we can communicate that to others & make decisions out of a true economy of self.


is defined by Tim Keller as “The need in the world that you are best suited to meet.”  Having now looked back over your story, and looked in to own your real strengths & weaknesses, now you should be able to bring all that together to look out.  Identify the things that get your blood pumping & the things that break your heart. With this you can begin to hone in on a word or short phrase that you can begin to hold as  the need in the world that you are best suited to meet.


is intended to help participants be more aware of the opportunities they have to leverage their history, abilities & affinity RIGHT NOW, not just in the land of "SOMEDAY". Participants will focus in on the roles they play at this moment & use the concepts of Logo Therapy developed by Viktor Frankl out of his experience in the concentration camps. Participants will outline meaningful projects to see their ambitions be realized & to begin living lives of obedience to their calling now. Participants will be provided with a host of thought starters & structures to begin making the most of your work and life right now.


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